Research and Production Enterprise Energia is one of the most
large and highly professional domestic manufacturers
equipment for the oil, gas and chemical industries in the Ural region.

The powerful manufacturing and engineering resources of the company have been the basis for successful work for over 30 years. "Energy" flawlessly
performs design, manufactures equipment for construction
and repair of production facilities, processing and transportation of petroleum products. The priority direction of the enterprise's work is the production of pipeline fittings, spare parts and parts.
The status of a successful and stable manufacturer is firmly attached to
Energy brand. This is a reliable partner, known in the professional environment as a manufacturing company with consistent quality and
innovative approach to business.

Partnership with leading Russian research institutes, accumulated experience and knowledge, continuous improvement and development of work processes, as well as a strong team of professionals allow Energia to be a stable and reliable manufacturer
serial production in a continuous cycle. And also create new projects, modernize and expand the range of products, work on individual orders with special requirements.

We are always open to cooperation!
Our advantages
  • Own modern production

    Full production cycle, availability of modern high-tech

    flexible equipment, highly qualified specialists - this is

    guarantee of success in achieving the set goals.

  • Prompt processing of orders

    Qualified management, technically trained com

    The mercantile service provides prompt processing of applications in

    compliance with the needs of the consumer.

  • Logistics

    The most convenient options for the delivery of finished products by

    agreement with the customer.

  • Certified Products

    The company's products meet the requirements of STO Gazprom 2-

    4.1-212-2008, STO Gazprom 2-4.1-1108-2007, ANSI, API, 94.155-MR-000, GOST R ISO 9001-2015. The company has international certificates and declarations.

  • Import substitution
    Compliance with Russian and international standards; construct
    active and technological design, not inferior to imported analogs
  • Qualified personnel

    The presence of our own design bureau allows us to develop and manufacture products according to the technical specifications of customers, our specialists continuously conduct research to improve the consumer and physical and mechanical properties of the products.

One of the priority tasks of NPP Energia is the constant increase
product quality, manufacturing the most efficient
and in a safe way, high-quality and innovative products
tion, competitive in the modern market, and satisfying and
exceeding consumer demand.

The company has implemented a quality management system GOST ISO
9001-2011, which underlies the overall management process and is
as a tool to achieve the goals.
Unconditional compliance with all applicable laws is carried out
telny requirements of international, federal, regional and
local levels, relevant agreements, standards and regulations
in the field of product quality;

All products are certified in accordance with GOST and TU
Russian Federation, 94.155 -MR-000, ANSI, API, fully complies
requirements of STO Gazprom 2-4.1.-212-2008. Product quality control
carried out by craftsmen at all stages of production, starting with cutting
metal, ending with the packaging of equipment.

The presence of certificates allows you to guarantee the conformity of products
compliance with the requirements of applicable standards, specifications and technical
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